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Watch DFS is a free web service that displays live player status, points, and more based on your fantasy baseball lineups from Know when your players are up to bat, on deck, fielding, pitching, sitting, and much more. Get a comprehensive look at all the action with links to each player's game on, MLB audio, MLB Gameday, and DraftKings.


     I am an independent developer who loves to play fantasy baseball. Since I started playing on DraftKings, my greatest thrill has been watching my players perform. Countless times each day, I turn on MLB TV and try to watch my player's next at-bat. If that becomes too hard to manage, I switch the game to my pitcher, often waiting half an inning to see them play. I wanted to solve this problem and share the result with others. Enjoy!


  • Upload 1-100 lineups
  • Live player points
  • Live player status
  • Live links to MLB TV, MLB Gameday, MLB Audio, and DraftKings
  • Absolutely FREE

No more:

  • Missing your player's at-bats
  • Confusion over batting order
  • Is he still pitching?
  • Trying to find the right game on MLB TV
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Terms & Conditions

     Watch DFS is a free service that uses the publically available MLB Gameday API to retrieve live player status and points. Most sites that get live sports data use a 3rd party provider, but Watch DFS relies on the generosity of MLB to provide the live information. We do not spam the MLB Gameday API for data, but rather consciously detect the information we need, and retreve it in as few requests as possible. Any of the data coming from the MLB Gameday API (and inherently Watch DFS) is free to use.

     Watch DFS uses the MLB Gameday API to create links to live games. This does NOT mean we are illegally copying the live streams. Watch DFS is harmlessly linking to MLB TV, MLB Gameday, and MLB Audio, where you are still required to have a subscriber login to view the game.

     Watch DFS do not store any of the MLB Gameday API data. Individual, client-side requests are made to retrieve information.

     Watch DFS is not affiliated with MLB or DraftKings in any way. We appreciate the ability to use publically available data, and hope you can help continue this generosity by getting a DraftKings account or MLB subscriber login.

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     We do not track or store your performance. The only data that is stored is the lineups you upload, which is stored on your machine only. You have the option to clear all lineups when you upload new ones.

     No information is ever transfered to our server. Everything is opered client-side, meaning your machine controls all the operations.

     The live information for each player is gathered from the MLB Gameday API, with your machine retrieving the data. This is completely safe to do and a relatively quick process.

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Upload my Lineups

Upload Lineups



1) Go to the 'My Lineups' tab

2) Click 'Edit Entries' near the top right

3) Select MLB as the sport, choose a start time, and click download

* Your lineup must be entered in a contest to be uploadable

Currently, we don't support uploads that aren't DraftKings lineups.

Contact us at for any questions or concerns.

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